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Headed by a Municipal Engineer the department looks after removal of solid waster which is a major responsibility of the Corporation. Everyday 220 MT of garbage is collected and remove from the city. Night conservancy is being carried out in Asansol Bazar Area. Door to door collection of garbage 33 Nos. Wards have been introduced from May 2009. Recently the Corporation has taken initiative for setting up the project to process Municipal Solid Waste into composed by Mechanical composting through PPP mode.


Per capita Generation per day


Estimated Generation of Solid Waste Per day

Garbage 175 MTs.Building debris 45 MTs



Food waste

8.00 %

Green waste

32.25 %


6.99 %

Consumable plastic

5.86 %

Industrial Plastic

1.18 %

Steel & Material

0.03 %

Rags & Textiles

3.14 %


6.45 %

Rubber & Leather

1.45 %


34.65 %

Chemical Analysis


Moisture Content

27.60 %

PH Value


Organic Content

39.06 %

Carbon content

21.53 %

Nitrogen Content

0.73 %

Phosphorous P2 O5

0.63 %

Potassium K 2 O

0.63 %

Waste Generation By Category:



68 %


16 %

Halls, Schools, Institutions

14 %


2 %

Hospitals & Clinics

Separately disposed by M/s. SembRamky ( A private Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility Operator, who has set up their plant at Bansra, Mangalpur, Raniganj, Burdwan).


Solid Waste
Primary Collection

  • Fully with Manpower
  • Operation in one stretch per day 6.00 am to 11.00 pm. & 2.00 pm TO 5.00 PM
  • Night Conservancy between 8.30 pm to 1.00 am.

Each worker was assigned with work schedule
Implements Used

  • Brooms
  • Baskets (Bamboo and Aluminum)
  • Brushes
  • Iron Plate
  • Containerised push carts
  • Tricycles
  • Roto mould wheeled bins


  • Sweeping, collecting, storing in the specific bins.
  • Door to door collection of garbage
  • Collecting the Waste from the House holds by Tricycles for unloading in transfer stations.

Secondary Collection: (Transportation)

  • Street to disposal site.
  • Transportation to disposal site from transfer station.
  • Route schedules for each and every vehicle for each trip.

No. of Trips

  • Heavy Vehicles 3 trips per day.
  • Light Vehicles 4 trips per day.

Transfer Stations

No. of Transfer station available


Daily quantity of Waste transferred to transfer station

210 tons of garbage

Waste Disposal
At present Open dumping & partly covering with debris. For improving the existing Landfill sites as Scientific Engineered Landfill M/s. GEPIL has constructed a Sanitary Engineered Landfill site.
Number of Disposal Sites : Two
Dumping Ground:
Kalipahari, Asansol & Samdihi,  Burnpur


Kalipahari, Asansol , Area around 27 acres. Waste disposal Marshy land

Samdihi,  Burnpur, Area around 03 acres. Waste disposal Marshy land

Life expectancy

Maximum upto 2015.

Total number of years in use

25 Years


Within one K.M (are in existence)

Daily Waste disposed

200 – 210 MT / Day

Best Practices

Source Collection
Collection of Municipal Solid Waste at source (Door to door collection) has been implemented at 33 Nos. Ward
This has been achieved only on introduction of Tricycles which stands as a wonder tool for better collection of MSW at door steps. Now about 200 Tricycles are put in use.