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1 343/PW Supply and fixing of metal halide flood light....
2 391/PW Repairing of street culvert and ground wall of pond with earth filling at Kalajharia purana shasan near Kali Mandir of Ward No-94 Br-Vii AMC and 14 other works
3 390/PW Temporary lighting arrangement for festival purpose at different location at Borough No 1 under AMC and 5 other works
4 389/PW LED Flood /Metal Light of 200/400 Watt, One nos Generator set and decorative LED chain in each Burial Ground of Kulti Borough to be provided for Saheb-E-Barat festivalfor one day and four other works
5 101/WS Half Yearly maintenance of building sanitary and plumbing works at Head Office (all building deptt.) under AMC
6 100/WS Supplying fitting and fixing of 40 mm dia and 20 mm dia PVC pipe and connection with PVC water tank in Press Club under AMC and 1 another work
7 340/PW Repairing work of Civil Defense Tanker under AMC
8 88/WS/Eng/2024 Supply and installation of HDD 2TB Surveillance at Kulti Borough Office of AMC.
9 88/WS/Eng/2024 Supply and installation of CCTV surveillance at the chamber of the Commissioner of AMC Head Office.
10 88/WS/Eng/2024 Laying of distribution Pipeline at Kalla Nichu para ward no 14 under Asansol Municipal Corporation.
11 88/WS/Eng/2024 Computer Accessories is urgently required for smooth functioning of computer system of the sanitation department under Borough-I, Jamuria AMC.
12 88/WS/Eng/2024 Construction of C.C Pavement along with Drain and slab at R.N Road Nagina Khatal of ward no-56,Borough-VII,Under Asansol Municipal Corporation.
13 88/WS/Eng/2024 Improvement of masonry drain from Banalata Apartment to H/o Shamal Banerjee at Ward no. 53, Brough- V under AMC
14 88/WS/Eng/2024 Repairing of road for emergency basis at Srinagar more and near Asansol Collegiate School under Borough-V, AMC
15 87/WS/Eng/2024 Supplying laying of 110 mm HDPE pipe line at Dome Para of Ward No-49 under Asansol Municipal Corporation
16 337/PW Painting the plaques to be affixed on the walls of all constructed dwelling units under AMC
17 384/PW Temporary lighting arrangement for with generator for different Qabristhan on the occasion of Shab-E- Barat 2024 of Jamuria Borough- 1 under AMC
18 383/PW Temporary lighting arrangement with 200 watt led light 400 watt metal halide colour tiny light and 5 generators for different Qabristhan on the occasion of Shab-E- Barat 2024 of Asansol under AMC
19 382/PW Temporary lighting arrangement for festival purpose for two days at different location of Borough- 5 under AMC
20 381/PW Supplying and spreading stone dust at 7th Paschim Bardhaman District Book Fair 2023-24 NCC Ground at Chandmari Borough -5 under AMC