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Building Sanction::
 a)The pre-conditions for an a application for building sanction plan :
Person / persons having right of erection on a plot of land, or who is the owner of a plot of land having deed of conveyance and mutation certificate and has no dues towards property and other Municipal tax may apply for a building sanction plan subject to details in Para (c).

 b)Parameter of rate chart on various items of building sanction :
This varies from time to time. Click here to view the schedule of fees for the current financial year.

 c)Check list for application for building sanction for normal building premises and for high rise building premises including provision of lift. Click hereto view the checklist :

 d)Occasion when orders for demolition or storage of building are issued :
Any construction work carried out without a valid sanction plan is liable to demolition. Initially after detection of such illegal construction, a stop work notice is served. There after Asansol Municipal Corporation authority deals it under section 400 (1) or 400 (8) of KMC Act 1980 U/S 400 (1) the case is disposed off by hearing where the structure may be demolition / part demolished / fully retained considering degree of violation of rules as well as structural safety. The cases where there is danger and / or violation of rule Asansol Municipal Corporation authority may directly demolish the structure without giving chance of hearing U/S 400 (8).

 e)Requirement and format of completion certificate : Download

 f)List of Registered License Building Surveyors / Empanelled Structural Engineer. 

 g)Various regulations of Building uses as per provisions of the Act.
As contained in the West Bengal Municipal Building Rules, 2007.


Application for approval of building sites and for permission to construct or reconstruct building other than huts.- :
(1) Before submission of the building plan, approval of the building site has to be obtained from the municipal authorities.
     The applicant may simaltaneously submit the site plan and the building plan to the Municipality for approval at his own risk and cost. But the municipality shall consider the building plan submitted for approval only after the site plan is approved.In case the site plan is not approved, the submitted building plan shall also be treated as not approved.

(2) Every application, under sub-rule (1) submitted in form A , shall state , inter alia, the proposed use of the land as per use group or occupancy.

(3) Every application, under sub-rule (1),shall be accompanied by a siteplan in tripliclate and a fee as may be determined by the Municipality subject to the following:-
         (i) for site paln up to 200 sq. metres of area : Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred only);
         (ii) for every additional 100 sq. meteres of areas or part thereof beyond the first 200 sq. meteres : Rs. 100/-(Rupees one      hundred only);

Provided maximum fees not exceeding five times the minimum fees as specified , may be determined by the Board of Councillors at a meeting.

Fees for sanction of building plans.- : (1)(a) The Board of Councilors shall levy a fee for sanction of building plan at such rates, specified as following on the basis of the sanctioned tota covered area in all floors:-

         (i) for building work up to 30 sq. meters of total covered area in all floors……….. Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred only)

         (ii) for every additional 10 sq. meters of covered area or part thereof beyond the first 30 sq. meters……….. Rs 75/- (Rupees seventy five only); However maximum fees not exceeding 5 times the minimum specified fees will be determined by the board of Councilors at a meeting.

     (b) The rates as aforesaid shall be the basic rates and shall be applicable to Residential Buildings for own use: Provided that the sanction of building plans for thatched buildings to be constructed with mud, mortar and brick in slum areas a fee at the flat rate of Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred only) shall be levied.

   (2) The Board of Councilors shall levy the following fees, calculated on the basis of basic rates specified in sub rule (1), for sanction of buildings plan other than plan for residential buildings for own use:-

       (a) In case of Apartment Residential Buildings other than self use of the applicant, double the basic rate shall be charged;

       (b) For Institutional Buildings, Assembly Buildings, Business Buildings and Mercantile Buildings, six times the basic rate shall be charged;

       (c) For Industrial Buildings, Storage Buildings and Hazardous Buildings 8 times the basic rate shall be charged;

       (d) In case of Charitable Institutional Building or Educational Building, not exceeding half the basic rate may be charged with approval of Board of Councilors.

   (3) In the case of steel towers the Board of Councilors shall levy fees at the rate of Rs. 10 per cubic meter of the volume of such task.

   (4) The Board of Councilors shall levy a development fee (15 per sq feet) subject to the maximum of 10% of the construction of the building, in addition to the fees specified in sub-rule (1) or sub-rule (2), as the case may be, for sanctioning the building plan of any building whose Floor Area Ratio has been calculated on the basis of a means of access which is a National Highway, State Highway or any such access having width of 15 meters or more.

Stacking Fees. -  (1) The Municipality may specify rates at which Stacking Fee payable in respect of permission for stacking.  Depositing any building materials including building rubbish in any street shall be charged and different rates may be specified for different categories of streets subject to minimum 10% and maximum 50% of fee for sanction of the building construction per month.
(2)The Stacking Fee payable in any case shall be calculated on the basis of the total area sanctioned in the building plan including basement, covered parking space and mezzanine floor.
(3)The Stacking Fee shall be paid along with the sanction fee prior to obtaining sanction of a building plan.
(4)The Stacking fee shall not be refundable under any circumstances.
(5)For stacking of material on the road, applicant will have to take prior permission from the Municipality for stacking materials. The stacking fee will be applicable for all plots except those with land area more than 2000 sq. m., subject to an undertaking that the applicant will not stack any building material including excavated earth on the public road.