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In the middle of the 1990's, a rapid survey was conducted in some wards of Asansol Municipal area which pointed out, among other things, that the environmental health of the population of Asansol's urban poor was not in satisfactory state. The immunisation status of members and children, the morbidity and mortality profile and the health care delivery system were very poor because there were no effective preventive, curative or maternal health facilities in the area.
Laying emphasis on this situation, Asansol was identified for the implementation of the Reproductive and Child Health Sub-Project. As a result, the said Project was introduced and launched in August 1998, with World Bank assistance, to address the Reproductive Health, Child Health and Family Welfare issues of the poor population living in I94 slums scattered around the municipal corporation area.
The main thrust of the Sub-Project was Mother and Child care through reduction of fertility, morbidity and morality. In fact, holistic care is envisaged by providing quality care services at the doorstep of the primary stakeholders, by the promotion of accessible health facilities and the provision of satellite service centers. The core idea of the sub-project is to implement the life cycle approach i.e. care of the individual from womb to tomb. Keeping this idea in perspective, the health care package starts as soon as the women become pregnant. Besides this, adolescent girls are also taken care of as they are the future mothers.
Asansol Municipal Corporation has started a low-cost medical testing facilities for A.P.L. and B.P.L. peoples. Rates are as given below.

Rates of USG/ Echocardiography (RCH Sub-Proj) ESOPD/MH Ward-9

 SL No. Examination Rates for B.P.L. Rates for A.P.L
01. Upper Abdomen Rs. 200 Rs. 300
 02. Lower Abdomen Rs. 200 Rs. 300
 03. Pregnancy Rs. 200 Rs. 300
 04. Whole Abdomen Rs. 300 Rs. 400
 05. Echocardiography Rs. 350 Rs. 500

Rates RCH Laboratory ESOPD/MH Ward-9

 SL No. Examination Rates
01. Blood RE (TLC DLC ESR Hb) Rs. 10
 02. Blood Hb% Rs. 05
 03. Blood Sugar (Fasting) Rs. 10
 04. Blood Sugar (pp) Rs. 10
 05. Blood Sugar (Random) Rs. 10
 06. Blood Urea Rs. 15
 07. Blood Cholesterol Rs. 15
 08. Serum Bilirubin Rs. 10
 09. Serun Uric Acid Rs. 15
 10. SGOT/ SGPT [Each] Rs. 16
 11. R.A. Factor Rs. 15
 12. ASO Titre Rs. 40
 13. ABO grouping Anti A, Anti B Rs. 20
 14. Serum VDRL Rs. 20
 15. Mantoux test Rs. 10
 16. Urine RE/ ME Rs. 10
 17. Stool RE/ ME Rs. 10
 18. Sputam for AFB Rs. 10
 19. Semen Analysis Rs. 15
 20. Hbs Ag Rs. 16
 21. Alk Phosphatase Rs. 15
 22. HDL Rs. 15
 23. Widal test Rs. 15
 24. Creatinine Rs. 15
 25. Urine HCG Rs. 40
 26. BT/ CT Rs. 10

Rates of Indoor & X-Ray

 Indoor Rates of B.P.L Rates for A.P.L
Normal Delivery Rs. 200 Rs. 500
Forceps Delivert Rs. 300 Rs. 600
Minor OT Rs. 150 Rs. 300
MTP --- Rs. 350 (official) ---

X-Ray Rates (according to the size of plate)

15/12 Rs. 60
12/12 Rs. 50
12/10 Rs. 50  

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