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To ensure more effective and quicker service for the citizen, to make administration transparent, o improve quality of services rendered and develop friendly relation between employees and citizen Asansol Municipal Corporation has adopted a series of time  bound actions with 01-12-2005 details of which is stated below :-

 SL No. Service Time Limit
01. Issue of Birth / Death Certificate (if reports are available & found O.K By 8/10 days
 02. Issue of Cremating Certificate of Corporation’s Burning Ghats (If reports are available & found O.K. ) By 4 days
 03. Issue of Trade License (if papers O.K) By 7 days
 04. Issue of renewal of trade license (if all papers are O.K ) By 2 days
 05. Issue of letter of refusal of license (if papers are not found to be O.K 0 By 10 days
 06. Issue of Cycle Rickshow license On same day
 07. Permission for Mela functions etc. (if all papers are O.K. ) By 2 days
 08. Mutation / Separation / Amalgamation etc. relating to tax matters (if papers are found to be O.K) By 3 Weeks.
 09. Certified copy of assessment Register By 7 Days
 10. Review of pending cases of tax By 2 days
 11. Interim assessment of Tax Every 2 months after dispatch of cases from CVB
 12. Cleaning of every drain ( Though maximum drains are cleaned which is not cleaned regularly ) By 15 days
 13. Removal of garbage By 24 hours in case of Borough –II By 48 hours in case of other Boroughs.
 14. Removal of Caracasses ( on receipt of information ) By 24 hors
 15. Cleaning of Septic tank Agency to Contact
 16. Sanction of site plan upto 8 meters height (if all paper are O.K.) By 10 Working days
 17. Sanction of site plan above 8 meters height ( if all paper are O.K ) By 10 Working days
 18. Sanction of building plan (if paper are O.K) By 15 Working days
 19. Sanction of Multistoried Building Plan (if paper are O.K By 15 Working days
 20. Refusal of Site / building Plan By 30 days
 21. Renewal of building plan By 10 working days
 22. Certified copy of Building plan (subject to availability By 5 days (if plans sanctioned within 2 years old sanction
 23. Water connection in feasible areas (if papers are O.K 0 By 10 days
 24. Cleaning of ferrule (after deposit of fees and up to date tax clearance Within 72 hous
 25. Repair of leakage of water pipe line By 48 hours
 26. Replacement of lamp of street light By 48 hours
 27. Repair of emergency culvert broken To be attend by borough office as early as possible
 28. Eviction of illegal water connection (with the help of ward councilor) By 24 hours
 29. Stop work notice against illegal construction By 7 Working days
 30. Issue of Residential / Character / Medical treatment etc. certificate On same dys